Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions


STATS – is Specialist Teaching Therapy and Support
-is the person or persons who request, arrange and pay for the service. This is assumed to be the person who makes initial
contact with colette@specialistteachingandassessment.co.uk

Learner/ Student – is the person receiving tutoring or assessment from STATS
Tuition is the provision of lessons to the students charged at an hourly rate.

Therapy is the provision of support, which is not directly, academic support, given by Specialist Teachers, Occupational, or Speech and language Therapists.
Consultancy is the provision of education advice or consultation, charged at an hourly rate.
Training session is the time allocated to train individuals or groups, charged at an hourly rate or by arrangement.

Initial consultation fees for lessons are payable in advance and before the Teacher begins gathering information.
Teaching Fees are payable half termly in advance of lessons commencing, or at the latest, on the day of the first lesson.
A 25% nonrefundable Fee is payable on booking a date for assessment. The remainder is due on, or before the assessment date.
Failure to make payment will mean assessment may not go ahead.

Cancellation of an assessment should be advised via email colette@specialistteachingandassessment.co.uk or telephone 07843427495

  • If already paid in full a refund will be given, if cancellation date is more than 14 days, before the scheduled assessment, minus deposit.
  • If cancellation is received 14 days, or less before the scheduled event, the client will be charged 50% of the agreed fee.
  • If cancellation is received up to 5 working days, before the scheduled event, the client will be charged 100% of the agreed fee.
  • The full fee is payable if you do not cancel your booking and do not attend your booking.
  • Please note a discretionary administration fee of £40 may be made if you request to transfer your booking to a different date less than 14 days prior to the booking date.
  • Cancellation of a Teaching/ Therapy session: If the client cancels a lesson and another alternative day cannot be arranged in the given week the lesson will be liable for payment – no refund will be issued. 

Cancellations by STATS
Rights are reserved to cancel bookings for reasons of viability, adverse weather conditions, illness, or other unforeseen reasons, or if it is believed there is any reputational risk to the company. In such cases an alternative date will be arranged, or a refund given.



If the booking is a package (series of bookings over a given time i.e Teaching/Therapy sessions), clients must spend up the value of their package entirety within the time allocated; unspent monies will not be refunded.

Assessment and Teaching:
Before diagnostic assessment, detailed background information will be gathered from parents and the school through questionnaires. This is essential information which is used to inform the assessment. Follow up phone calls may also be made to support this information.

The assessment, or lesson will be carried out at an agreed venue.

The assessment /lesson will take place with the learner, on a one-to-one basis, in a quiet, private room for the duration of the set time. A partition will be provided so parents/carers,  can be present, but not on view. If there is deemed to be a relevant need (i.e SEND) for the child to be accompanied, this needs to be discussed and agreed, prior to assessment and reference to this will be made in the body of the written report. 

If necessary, further follow up tests may be needed. Time and venue for these will be arranged after the initial testing. No further charge will be made for these tests (Diagnostic Assessment only).

Unless otherwise agreed, a report will be written within 3 weeks of the assessment. It will be sent to the client who is then advised to share it with the school/parent.

colette@specialistteachingandassessment.co.uk will be available to discuss the report at a time arranged.  There is no charge for feed back to the client. A fee may be charged for discussions with interested third parties, depending on the circumstances. This may be face to face, telephone, or video call. Any fees will be charged at the consultation rate of £40 per hour.

Further advice may be offered to school or parents/carers at additional cost if necessary and appropriate.

Learners under 18 will under no circumstances be left unattended, or with any unknown adult during tuition, or assessment.

Appointment times should be adhered to. In the event of appointments not being attended on time the session will end at the arranged time and charged at the same rate.

All expenses for teaching materials will be covered in the agreed fee, unless otherwise agreed in advance with the client.
All prices are inclusive of mileage within 5 miles of the Teacher/Therapist/Assessor’s home, unless otherwise specified.
Mileage if charged will be at a rate of £0.45p per mile.

Code of Ethics
Colette is a Member of PATOSS (Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning Difficulties).
Refer to the Patoss Code of Ethics

If you have any concerns about any practice or incident relating to STATS, please contact Colette in the first instance for an informal discussion. If this does not solve your concern, you may refer to the PATOSS complaints procedures.

Colette Pollock (owner of STATS) holds Public Liability Insurance and Indemnity Insurance through PATOSS (Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific Learning difficulties). This is provided by Arthur Gallagher– HISCOX Professional Insurance Protection.

Terms and Conditions for Publications-
Any and all intellectual property rights in and relating to Specialist Teaching and Assessment are owned by Colette Pollock.

Unauthorised use of those Materials including reproduction, storage, modification, distribution, or republication, without the prior written approval of Colette Pollock is strictly prohibited and may result in prosecution.

Names and logos of STATS may not be used without the prior written approval of Colette Pollock

colette@specialistteachingandassessment.co.uk reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.  o

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