Targeted Teaching

Meeting you where
you are...

You are Unique

and the Support you receive will be Unique….

All sessions use proven methods for successful teaching and learning. They are multisensory, but well structured, fun but with clear targets. Above all, tailored to your needs.

Preschool, Ks1 and 2

Therapy to support: Pre learning and coordination, visual motor integration skills, targeting the underlying skills required for acquiring good handwriting and fine motor skills, attention to detail, thinking, memory and planning skills.


Phonics, Reading, Spelling, Writing, Language Comprehension, Maths, Support for Entrance Pretests to Senior School, Exam and Revision Techniques.


  • Literacy – Reading, Spelling and writing skills.
  • Basic Numeracy
  • Key skills (organisation, daily planning, supporting memory skills)


Individual Targets will be set for each term and lessons will be tailored to support your needs and learning style. The individual Target Plan will be a fluid document, as sometimes targets may be reached sooner than expected, or sometimes a more pressing need might arise causing a target to be put on hold for a few sessions.

Lessons will generally be 1hr in duration.

Initial consultation fee*
first half hour free of charge

£ 180
  • Gathering of evidence through family and school questionnaires
  • Reading of any reports you have made available
  • 2hr session for Informal Assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses, to inform Teaching Targets and advice for support or referral
  • Liaising with parents and school

Hourly rate

£ 45

*Initial consultation fee payable on booking
Reduced Fees for pupils and families in receipt of pupil premium or income-based benefits. 

Please contact for details

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