Consultation and advice for parents

A listening ear, guidance, support strategies, recommendations for further assessment, or referral to other Specialists.

Supporting you with referrals to GP’s, Educational Psychologists, Clinical Child Psychiatrists, Speech and Language, and Occupational Therapists. 

Advocacy – Supporting you by speaking/ writing to Schools, GP’s and Specialists on your behalf.

Change: What has the greatest impact?

  • It is Sometimes the most insignificant thing that can be a game changer.
  • It is Often, Trial and Error.
  • It is Always a change of perspective. Colette 2022

Parent consultation
Initial half hour free of charge

£ 40 per hour
  • consultation
  • Advice and strategies
  • Liaison with schools
  • Liaison with Specialists
  • referral letters

Reduced fees available for those on Pupil Premium, or in receipt of income-based benefits. Please contact for details

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