Identify strengths and understand difficulties

Label, or No Label?

This is often an area of controversy – I say, it is just a personal one, your choice – what is best for you or your child. A diagnosis can provide reassurance that ‘I am not stupid!’. It can help you understand how your brain works, so you can become the best that you can be. It informs others, so they can provide the best support.

Being Diagnosed with Dyslexia, no longer holds the stigma it did a generation ago.  There is a better understanding of the great strengths people with dyslexia bring to the world.

I offer a range of assessments for children and adults. A Dyslexia assessment, can help someone understand their strengths, learn how to support their areas of weakness and understand why they may be experiencing difficulties in their learning, or day-to-day life. 

An assessment will help you understand how to support your child at home and provide strategies for support at school. It may also be used, alongside consultation with the school, as evidence to support the request for exam arrangements, should criteria be met.

If a child has previously had an assessment, a shorter assessment is available and identifies, in accordance with regulations from JCQ (Joint Council for Qualifications) whether there is a need for exam arrangements (extra time, use of technology, readers, scribes, own room etc.).

For 17 yrs – adults, an assessment can help you understand why you experience the difficulties you do. This may be with reading, writing, spelling, organisation, revision and study skills, exam technique; things which impact everyday life and can undermine your self-esteem. An informal assessment can help you understand your learning profile and you will be given strategies to support you in gaining confidence and taking more control over your life. 

If you are at college or heading to university, you may qualify for the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) . If you are looking for this support, you can be referred to an appropriate assessor to see if you qualify. 

ADHD Screening

For pupils up to 16yrs, an assessment can also provide screening for ADHD. Through an interview/ questionnaire with child, school and parent. This will include assessment in ability and attainment to make sure there is not another spld causing the difficulties.  On meeting the criteria, a referral can be made to your GP and/or Independent Specialist, for further assessment. It should be noted that there is often cooccurrence of SpLD’s present in a person’s profile and, therefore not always. possible to make a clear identification of just one thing. 

ADHD screening for adults will be available at a later date

Full Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment to include access arrangements.

£ 560

Full Academic Assessment to include Maths

£ 625

Full Diagnostic Assessment including ADHD Screening

£ 685

*A non-refundable deposit of 20% is requested at time of booking, with the remainder payable before, or on the date of Assessment.
Reduced Fees for pupils and families in receipt of pupil premium or income-based benefits. 

Please contact for details

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